Teacher Sandy to celebrate 30 years!


In 2019 we at Portuguese Bend Nursery School celebrate Teacher Sandy Holderman’s 30th year as Yellow Bird Teacher of our beloved school.  Sandy is deeply rooted at PBNS and her roots run deeper than the 30 years she’s served as Teacher. Sandy was an active parent with the school 33 years ago when she enrolled her daughter at PBNS. Recently, she got to teach her grandson at Beach School. It seems fitting then, that she should come to be the Director at Portuguese Bend Nursery School, a position she has held for 25 years.


She is naturally gifted with children and genuinely embodies the philosophy of the school by teaching through play-based ideals and reaching kids with simple, effective activities. In lieu of modern gadgets, Sandy encourages use of every day things that inspire imagination and peak curiosity. No doubt, Sandy is special in this way. She is patient and boundless in her energy. For those children lucky to know Sandy as their first teacher they will likely never forget her.


Thank you, Teacher Sandy, for 30 years of care and commitment to Beach School. Your legacy will be around for many more years to come as you have left your imprint on every aspect of life at PBNS.