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Parent Involvement

With the commitment of a co-op preschool, you get so much in return! You get to watch from a front row seat your child interacting with his or her environment like you’ve never seen before. You get to witness your child learning —soaking up knowledge in a way most of us could never have imagined— through nature and the astonishing beauty at the beach, with loving, nurturing, talented teachers as their guides.
What exactly is required of parents?
Carpooling: daily or weekly, depending on how you set up the schedule with your carpool buddy. This is essential to the daily function of the school as there is a limited drop-off and pick-up area at Beach School.
Working at the school: 3–4 days every 6 weeks. Either parent will work three-hour shifts either assisting the teachers, helping in the kitchen, or working with the children in the art room or play areas.
Committee Job: varies depending on the committee assignment. Some parents coordinate art projects or special events while others wash linens or play mats. Some take photographs and create yearbooks while others maintain the library or run the book club. There are many committee jobs which keep our school running smoothly and the kids inspired.
Parent Meetings: one evening each month. This is a great time to meet with other parents and teachers to discuss the operation of the school. Occasionally you will be asked to provide an appetizer, dessert, or beverage.
Board Meetings: one evening each month (board members only). Board members are vital to the operation of the school. Board members do not perform committee jobs.
Fund Raising: varies. There are many fun ways to raise funds for the school throughout the year — playdates, restaurant gatherings, portrait photography, catalog fundraisers, and our grand gala White Elephant Party.
Snacks: one week during the year. Provide a healthy snack (two days) and a kids snack project (one day) for thirty children and seven adults.
Clean-up Days: twice a year on a weekend day. We put on our overalls and scrub the school and make small repairs to conserve and support our school’s surroundings and longevity. There is always coffee and snacks to keep us going!


“It takes a village to raise a child.” — ancient proverb


A Kids Day at Beach School

Our school has two age groups. Children ages 3 to 4 years are placed in the ‘Yellow Bird’ class.  Children ages 4 to 5 years are placed in the ‘Red Bird’ class. Each group has its own teacher and classroom area in which to sit during what is called ‘rug time’.



GoodBye1There are two ‘rug times’ per day.  During each ‘rug time,’ the children learn, listen, sing, explore, and share. Arts and crafts and creative play emphasize our school’s motto of ‘learning through play’. Among many other talents, our teachers also incorporate curriculum themes, concepts, and readiness skills into daily activities. Between each ‘rug time’ the children enjoy ‘free time’ as well as their mid-morning snack.


painting2Throughout the day, children hone their socialization skills, including sharing, managing emotions, positive communication, problem solving, being a part of a group, and learning respect for others. They gain letter, number, color, and shape recognition, was well as pre-math and reading concepts. Because of PBNS’ natural surroundings, children also gain awareness and respect for local wildlife, including squirrels, fox, lizards, hawks, seagulls, and miscellaneous sealife.











  • Did you know?


    Our school is located on the beach! The school grounds are fenced in, yet children, teachers and working parents get a spectacular view of the ocean and rolling waves every day.